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Media Kit: Jessica Lucci


Author bio:

Jessica Lucci writes about modern issues while maintaining historic integrity.  Her works include poetry, non-fiction, and fiction.  Four volumes of poetry focus on perseverance in recovery from abuse and advocating for mental health and community ties.  She has also been published in the Lucidity Poetry Journal.  Her haiku was featured on the Minuteman Bikeway Haiku Installation. The poetry collection "Freedom For Me" and the gritty fiction "To Die a Bachelor" are featured in Fupper as "Spectacular Books by Women for Women!"  Her memoir, “Justice for the Lemon Trees,” won the IHIBRP 5 Star Recommended Read Award.  Her steampunk novel, "Watch City: Gustover Glitch" earned Honorable Mention in the Lesfic Bard Book Awards 2019.   Jessica Lucci makes her home in Waltham, Massachusetts, USA, where she is currently writing steampunk fantasy stories based on events in New England history,



Contact Information: 

Jessica Lucci


Author Q&A:

Q. Where are you from?

A. I have lived most of my life in Massachusetts.  I’ve travelled around the country a lot and hope to hit all 50 states someday.  I don’t have a wicked bad Boston accent, but I definitely have a keen sense of my roots.

Q. What was it like growing up?

A. In my town growing up, I was considered to be the product of a mixed marriage.  Irish and Italians were combining families and I was an outcome of that.  There was a crucifix in every room of my family’s house, and when I’d visit my Nana in her triple-decker, she was always making sauce.  My favourite pizza is potato pizza.  Don’t knock it til you’ve tried it.

Q. Is there an overall message in your writing that you want readers to grasp?

A. My main themes are always empowerment, freedom, equality, and hope.    I am keenly aware of the power of words, and the magic that can happen when people speak up to help each other.  My poetry, my prose, my stories; time and time again it comes back to respect and love for ourselves and others.

Q. Can you describe your newest project?

A. My project is a sci-fi/fantasy short story collection steeped deeply in steampunk.   My main themes of empathy and respect are prominent, plus time travel, magic, and some witchy sci-fi robots!

Q. Do you have a favourite character you created?

A. Well, I might, but sometimes it changes.  I love them all, even the bad guys. In "Festivus," the two main characters are both good and bad in their own ways, when a surprise evil threatens to ruin the holiday for all!


 Press Release:

“Steampunk New Year” by Jessica Lucci Press Release:

“Steampunk New Year” by Jessica Lucci


Steam, Droids, and Rails ‘n Roads

"Steampunk New Year is a steampunk fantasy short story collection.  Packed with tales for the ages, including fantastical steam powered carriages, dragons, airship battles, sneaky ghosts, spooky fairies, and theh most mixed up holiday story of all time!   

Undercurrents of female empowerment, family ties, lost love, and rated-G romance connect diverse characters in a world billowing with progressive action.  Enthusiasts of sci-fi/fantasy will be thrilled to read “Watch City” and bust out their best geek modes.

"Steampunk New Year" by Jessica Lucci

Available to order at JessicaLucciBooks in paperback and as ebook and paperback on Amazon.

Published by Indie Woods

Sell Sheet:


Steampunk New Year by Jessica Lucci Sell Sheet



"Steampunk New Year"



Jessica Lucci


e-book ISBN: 



paperback ISBN:




Twelve short stories weave their way throughout the year with progressive action, sci-fi, and fantasy.  Steam powered carriages, dragons, airship battles, sneaky ghosts, spooky fairies, and the most mixed up holiday story ever whirl through these twisted tales appropriate for teens and adults.

Formats available:

e-book and paperback.




Sold worldwide.


Excerpt from “Steampunk New Year” by Jessica Lucci:

     Fire-breathing reptiles with iridescent wings wider than the Erie Canal swooped through misty clouds above mountain trails.  These ancient creatures thrived and survived in the quiet isolation of introversion.  Peacefully they ate toasted grape vines and coffee beans and drank heavily from steamy ashy rivers.  The natural fuel for their inner fire kept them strong and content.

    Rose Hillway of clan Draca Fitzmaura stretched her long talons and scratched equations into black sand.  The increased activity of men and their airships had not gone unnoticed by her.  She was unlike most of her kind: curious rather than content, forward-thinking rather than history relying.  She dreamed and sought answers.  Her clan trusted her unique skills for what they were.

    The Dragon Highlands had been under surveillance of Man as of late, and this concerned her.  Her shy compatriots noticed too but resolved to ignore the irritation in hopes it would go away.

    Rose Hillway knew it wouldn’t.


Excerpt from "Steampunk New Year” by Jessica Lucci.

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