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"Building Steam" by Renee J. Fleury

"Building Steam" by Renee J Fleury is a time travel epic journey with romance, pirates, a mad scientist, and Nikola Tesla!  This steampunk novel has it all, with smooth phrasing and exceptional writing.  The dialogue is gritty and real; the characters are other-worldly yet believable.  

What a wild whirlwind of steampunk adventure!  Packed with surprises and powerful plot twists, "Building Steam" will have you cheering and howling.

“The Steampunk Handbook” by Phoebe Darqueling, illustrated by P.R. Chase, is a fact-based historical resource for fans of steampunk.  It delineates between the different kinds of “punk” in literature and other arts.  Providing modern examples and contrasting them with classics makes the reader aware of just how steampunk is different from other esthetics.

Each chapter is its own interesting lesson, and not need be read in order.  This book is like a mini-encyclopedia with subjects relating to creating personal steampunk characters and worlds.  

All in all, “The Steampunk Handbook” is a quick and easy read, with ideas sure to interest any steampunk fan.  

Lucci's List: May 2020


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The Steampunk Handbook


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