Poetry in the Prose of


by Jessica Lucci

Clutching the carpet

     before I slide off the floor

Floated up the stairway

     to hide with closed door

Edging parapet

     above the woeful wind's roar

Knouted down the mainstay

     can't take anymore

 Inept Agony

by Jessica Lucci

My imaginary friend

Hovers over me

In my vacuum of grief

No air passes through my throat

To form the words "I'm sorry"

No life bursts through my veins

To feed my loving heart

I am the ghost I have created

My friend is no longer real to me

My soul mate, my partner

My loss

Goodnight, I'll Find You

by Jessica Lucci

I know you're out there somewhere

And I know you cannot see me

Your eyes are searched with every stare

Your voice enraptured with every plea

In my dreams I touch your hair

And my hand lingers as if free

I awake, illusion my prayer

The only way we can ever be

 Floating on a Nightmare

by Jessica Lucci

Drifting on this ocean

     'gainst my body's design

Had I a choice

     I would sink through the brine

Drowning with devotion

     I meant not to malign

Numbed, I devoice

     death of true love divine.