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Ask an Indie volume 1

When I began my writing adventure, I was not initially planning on publishing, or making it my full time career. As my ideas progressed and my skills increased, I discovered a hidden knack I possessed for navigating the indie book biz. Generous mentors shared their experiences and hard won knowledge with me, which enabled me to build confidence in my own success. Joining this community of artists who value independence and self-reliance as much as team work and cooperation has connected me in a life changing way. Continuing my baby steps in this fashion with my small business Indie Woods, I have been humbled to assist other independent writers achieve their goals and build with new tools. It is in this spirit of partnership with each other that I begin this new blog series: Ask an Indie. I will be posting some popular questions from my Indie Woods

Indie Woods

page and share them here. The simplest questions are not always so simple, especially when we as indies are tasked with not just finding outlets to share our art, but to also define ways to create, improve, proofread, edit, design, outline, research, finance, market, advertise, promote, and publish, all on our own. Luckily, I have found peers who respect the need to work alone while absolutely relying on each other. I am excited to use this blog as an opportunity to continue our discussions and learn from each other about subjects which define our craft. We can be independent, together.

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