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Watch City

Steampunk Festival 2018

Waltham entered a time portal this weekend as hoards of Steampunkers infiltrated the city. Up and down Moody Street, across the Common, past Main Street, the time voyagers lingered undissuaded by the wetness of the weather.

Fell off the back of an Airship

Captain vonArkham and the esteemed Mayor Sedgewick were joined by Queen Mercy, the Citizens of Antiford, and many more personas and schisms to celebrate Steampunk Festival.

Baechtold and Abel Aerial Artistry

Emperor Norton's Stationary Marching Band remained steadfast while Brigid Sinclair swallowed fire and Professore di Armes Mark P. Donnelly unveiled Victorian Sham Wow! Karnevil cracked through the Common with leather whips, not to be outdone by the Athena School of Arms slashing through truth with swords. The Busted Jug Band wet their whistles when Molly and Leah of Baechtold and Abel Aerial Artistry gripped the air.

The Busted Jug Band

Todd Cahill's Steamachine sculptures, Watch City bellydancers, Prospect Hill Forge, and the Diamond Jubilee Organ further awed the myriad air pirates, mad scientists, robots, and creatures in the vast crowds sprawled across Watch City. In a final flash of parading specters, the time loop closed, fading with the steamy fog of night.


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