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Are You a Character?

WEIRD by Jessica Lucci

November is NaNoWriMo, aka National Novel Writing Month. Three of my books were refined by taking this writing challenge of completing a novel from start to finish in ONE MONTH. Books 1 and 2 of the "Watch City" trilogy, "Waltham Watch" and "Subton Switch" were not started from scratch during the last two Novembers, but abundant progress was made in piecing the plots together.

Less than a month ago I published my 11th book (my 5th steampunk related book), "Steampunk Leap Year." I was going to take a small break after writing and publishing three books in 2019. But, I caught the NaNoWriMo bug and here I am, scribbling away at a brand new book, unlike anything I have written before.

This new work in progress does not have a title. Right now I'm simply calling it "Weird," because that is what it is.

A strange little girl (yet unnamed) with mystical powers lives in an anime-style world where she unintentionally leaves her happy-go-lucky mischievous routine to hurtle into horrific and fantastical dangers. Her mysterious mission leads her to exotic destinations, where she makes unlikely friendships and likely enemies.

As her quest lengthens, she ages and grows. Her powers strengthen, she falls in love with a ghostly boyfriend, she becomes BFFs with an unusually normal girl, and she inevitably meets her doom. She laughs the entire time like it's some big joke.

In conclusion, I am writing a cartoonish un-illustrated tale with no title and no character names.

This is where I need your help. Let's make this fun!



The naming rights of my main character, supporting characters, and story characters can be YOURS! You can name the MC after yourself, or, name a villain after that one person on this planet who REALLY grinds your gears.

You can simply buy the naming rights by using this link: YOU_ROCK_MY_WORLD.

And so, let me provide you a list of the cast of characters for imaginative motivation.


Weird impish anime girl with magic powers, a can-do attitude, a helpful heart, and a penchant for falling into traps and laughing hysterically about it.

Through the book she grows from a little kid, to a teen, to a woman. But she's always pretty weird.


He is a ghostly, beautiful young man who enjoys his sleep and is very comfortable in his skeletal form. He is laid-back to the point of laziness, but the ultimate lover.


They are individuals but act in a nasty trio to cause misery for misery's sake. They have a vendetta against MC, and continually try to cause rifts between her Love Interest.


The best friend is a normal, plain, boring, human female. Her lifelong friendship with MC is strong, even when they are apart for lengthy amounts of time.


Yup. There's a gorilla. Likes shaved ice.


Mermaids, zombies, cute little animals, court room judge, statues, spirits, a mummy, and the Sons of Liberty. Really, this book is very, very weird.

For some ideas of what the eyes inside my head are seeing, peek at my "WEIRD" Pinterest.

May the best names be brought forth! First-come, first-serve!

P.S. I have veto power if your name is horrendously awful, in which case I will ask you to pick out a new name.

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