For my Blog Buddies With Benefits: I am delighted to share with you my newest hot off the press book, "Poetry Pouring (from Subton Switch).

This is not just a book of poetry. It follows my characters in their own minds, hearts, and souls, to disclose their innermost feelings. If you have already read "Subton Switch," you will be intrigued by the insights this poetry offers into each character's psyche.

If you have NOT read "Subton Switch," what's stopping you? If you have been my blog buddy during the publication phase of "Subton Switch," you will have received an email with the full manuscript. For new Blog Buddies, and those of you who would appreciate the REAL copy, it is available on Amazon as ebook and paperback.

There are no spoiler alerts to be wary of in reading "Poetry Pouring (from Subton Switch). One main theme is opioid addiction. A main character struggles with this terrible curse, and we on the outside see her suffering, and the collective pain of her friends and family, and community. The poetry in this new book is important to who the character is, and I believe it is relatable to individuals and families affected by the current opioid crisis.

"Poetry Pouring (from Subton Switch) is my lucky 13th book, and my 6th volume of poetry. It is one of my favourites so far, because it is based on "Subton Switch," the book I am most proud of writing. I hope these books entertain you with their silliness, set your heart racing with romance, burst your adrenaline rushing with their action, and sneak into your inner thoughts.

Because you are my Blog Buddy, this copy is free to you here. Please understand that it is not in its sparkly finished form so the formatting might be a little rough. But the content is all here, pure.

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Thank you for your readership, and your continued support.

May your clocks always chime.



Poetry Pouring (From Subton Switch)

by Jessica Lucci

Published by Jessica Lucci and Indie Woods

Waltham, Massachusetts, USA

Copyright 2019 by Jessica Lucci and Indie Woods

Cover Design based on Steven Novak Illustration All rights reserved

No portion of this book may be reproduced in any form without permission from the publisher, except as permitted by U.S. copyright law. For permissions contact:

Poetry Pouring

(from Subton Switch)


Jessica Lucci

Waltham, Massachusetts, United States of America

Indie Woods


With appreciation for:

Yasira, Teresa, Mark, Bob, Deizy, and maybe even P.

Your kindness lingers in these words.

May we soon never meet again.

About this Book

These are poems from and inspired by “Subton Switch,” Book 2 in the “Watch City Trilogy. Each character has a chapter to express emotions experienced throughout the underwater time travel adventure.

Chapter 1



Ani, her friend, had found her!


You need a family

We have a family

You need a brother or sister

We have a brother or sister

You need to have fun

We have fun!

Our family needs you

You can be our family

We need a brother or a sister

You are a brother or a sister

We need to have fun

You have fun!

Our family is bigger now and even more fun

We are glad to all be a family together

Chapter 2



Nothing’s so tough to get through that a strong bit of willpower won’t fix.


I swam with the smelts and the snappers

Floated with the pikes and the jacks

Dove with the chubs and the croakers

I'd still like to get my stickleback


Joyously watching

Invisible nibbling

Tangible bait fish

Chapter 3



If I am going to die puking my green guts out, at least let me die puking my green guts out onto dry land.


I’ve got a notebook in my pocket

A lucky penny in my shoe

An empty heart-shaped locket

In my favourite colour blue

And a daisy in my hair

Cheers me up everywhere

Anytime I feel so slow

I smell the daisy then I know

I’ve got a daisy in my hair

When life feels too unfair

I twirl the daisy in my hands

Hypnotizing dead demands

With a daisy in my hair


My mind’s physical

I am drunk enough to be

brave in my confusion

I could get wrapped up in your


For me, the feelings in your fiction are rea