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For my Blog Buddies With Benefits: I am delighted to share with you my newest hot off the press book, "Poetry Pouring (from Subton Switch).

This is not just a book of poetry. It follows my characters in their own minds, hearts, and souls, to disclose their innermost feelings. If you have already read "Subton Switch," you will be intrigued by the insights this poetry offers into each character's psyche.

If you have NOT read "Subton Switch," what's stopping you? If you have been my blog buddy during the publication phase of "Subton Switch," you will have received an email with the full manuscript. For new Blog Buddies, and those of you who would appreciate the REAL copy, it is available on Amazon as ebook and paperback.

There are no spoiler alerts to be wary of in reading "Poetry Pouring (from Subton Switch). One main theme is opioid addiction. A main character struggles with this terrible curse, and we on the outside see her suffering, and the collective pain of her friends and family, and community. The poetry in this new book is important to who the character is, and I believe it is relatable to individuals and families affected by the current opioid crisis.

"Poetry Pouring (from Subton Switch) is my lucky 13th book, and my 6th volume of poetry. It is one of my favourites so far, because it is based on "Subton Switch," the book I am most proud of writing. I hope these books entertain you with their silliness, set your heart racing with romance, burst your adrenaline rushing with their action, and sneak into your inner thoughts.

Because you are my Blog Buddy, this copy is free to you here. Please understand that it is not in its sparkly finished form so the formatting might be a little rough. But the content is all here, pure.

If you wouldn't mind sparing a minute or two to write a review on Amazon (and Goodreads too!), it would truly encourage me. Even if you hated the book! Reviews are the best ways to help me.

Thank you for your readership, and your continued support.

May your clocks always chime.



Poetry Pouring (From Subton Switch)

by Jessica Lucci

Published by Jessica Lucci and Indie Woods

Waltham, Massachusetts, USA

Copyright 2019 by Jessica Lucci and Indie Woods

Cover Design based on Steven Novak Illustration All rights reserved

No portion of this book may be reproduced in any form without permission from the publisher, except as permitted by U.S. copyright law. For permissions contact:

Poetry Pouring

(from Subton Switch)


Jessica Lucci

Waltham, Massachusetts, United States of America

Indie Woods


With appreciation for:

Yasira, Teresa, Mark, Bob, Deizy, and maybe even P.

Your kindness lingers in these words.

May we soon never meet again.

About this Book

These are poems from and inspired by “Subton Switch,” Book 2 in the “Watch City Trilogy. Each character has a chapter to express emotions experienced throughout the underwater time travel adventure.

Chapter 1



Ani, her friend, had found her!


You need a family

We have a family

You need a brother or sister

We have a brother or sister

You need to have fun

We have fun!

Our family needs you

You can be our family

We need a brother or a sister

You are a brother or a sister

We need to have fun

You have fun!

Our family is bigger now and even more fun

We are glad to all be a family together

Chapter 2



Nothing’s so tough to get through that a strong bit of willpower won’t fix.


I swam with the smelts and the snappers

Floated with the pikes and the jacks

Dove with the chubs and the croakers

I'd still like to get my stickleback


Joyously watching

Invisible nibbling

Tangible bait fish

Chapter 3



If I am going to die puking my green guts out, at least let me die puking my green guts out onto dry land.


I’ve got a notebook in my pocket

A lucky penny in my shoe

An empty heart-shaped locket

In my favourite colour blue

And a daisy in my hair

Cheers me up everywhere

Anytime I feel so slow

I smell the daisy then I know

I’ve got a daisy in my hair

When life feels too unfair

I twirl the daisy in my hands

Hypnotizing dead demands

With a daisy in my hair


My mind’s physical

I am drunk enough to be

brave in my confusion

I could get wrapped up in your


For me, the feelings in your fiction are real

Fate is a cruel mistress

Feeling good is always real


Bird or fish

Which am I

Feather or fin

Which air do I breathe

Through which lungs







You’re my friend right

If not cool

Just tell me

I can take it for real

Just don’t play me

I can take a thrill

And I can take a friend

I can take it all

If I know what it is


I don’t remember

the last time I held a frog

Cupped in my hands

an everlasting emerald

But I know how it felt

holding the world


Simultaneously dry and wet

morning grass

in spring’s first sun

When you awake in rained air

flex your toes on jeweled grass

and plant yourself

a seed

connected to the world


Golden egg

That’s what she calls me

Swim away

You lonely river

Golden Egg

I need to be free


I’ll fly away

Like birds who do not stay

Beyond the ol’ Missouri


Remember it had been only two weeks

Before we stepped outside

To touch the grass

And then we cried


Is it possible

The question we all ask

When we want it to be true

But are afraid to dare it to

Is it possible

The dreams we take to task

When we know what we want to do

And know the answer lies in you

In your love

In your soul

It’s your breath

That breathes me whole

In your love

In your soul

It’s your breath

That breathes me whole

Can you imagine

That is what we say

When we want to reach that peak

But we’re too afraid to speak

Can you imagine

The life that gets in our way

When we know just what we seek

And know if we just took a peek

In your love

In your soul

It’s your breath

That breathes me whole

In your love

In your soul

It’s your breath

That breathes me whole

What if we did that

The daydreams that we share

When we want to believe

But don’t want to be naive

What if we did that

Those things we wish to dare

When trails of words we weave

And two hearts never leave

In your love

In your soul

It’s your breath

That breathes me whole

In your love

In your soul

It’s your breath

That breathes me whole


If your freedom

Was as easy

As trading my life for yours

It would be done

I would give it all

As I began

As you began

In the stars of my eyes



Huzzah to buzzing bees and mossy trees!

To honeyed breeze and dirty knees!

Kill me afore I’d rejoin the seas!


In death’s circumstance

Give my body for transplants

All else that remains

Let be science’s gains

If my closets are full

Of useless nothing

Do what you will

And let my birds sing


Why are we struck here

I feel her calling out to me

Not my child, yet mine


Sun-streaked feathered hair

Grit embedded in scabbed knees

We had no bike helmets


Swim my love

Swim in the sea

Swim my love

Swim home to me

In the deep water

Your teardrops will fall

Keep faith; do not falter

Even when you feel small

One fish in the ocean

Can swallow the world

One red crustacean

Can redeem the lord

Swim my love

Swim in the sea

Swim my love

Swim home to me

Peer through the peephole

In my heart’s cradle

Rock with my sad soul

Hear my song rattle

Swim my love

Swim in the sea

Swim my love

Swim home to me



October’s fest

Rock art shines

Dancing in autumn winds

Ruts and grooves turn turrets

Red ale bloodier than sunset rivers

Slooping through deep canyons of chipped shale

Juice bombs explode from thirsty anorexic cactus cannons

Night shift spreads low, cooling desert dreams of water

Dynasties of animal, vegetable, mineral; dirt, breeze, and firey liquid

Smutty labs, sex, science, male, female, hetero, X to the Y

Blackberry iced tea on a warm summer morning would bring it back


Wingless eagles fly

Without ruffling feathers

Dirt paths are my sky

Chapter 4



Whatever you desire of me, I also desire, my Queen.


Aren’t voices ghosts





Unheavenly hosts





Pendulous swings

of an unblinking clock

Rivulous rings

in an unclicking dock

Sail away on your gustless raft

Bail away on your bustless craft

Swimmer avast like crows on high

Quimmer a’last as bows on tie

One thought glancing

through my mind


not unkind

If you listen

to misled reason

Dare not Christen

willful treason

Your mother is wrong

Maybe all along

He left his children

They were not his to leave

He lost who you’d been

You were not his to bereave

He left

He lost


You found - your children

You freed - who you are



Moon less full

Than a werewolf’s curse

Yet they felt its pull

Strings on a purse

Darker night

Without wishing stars

But they sank their bite

Through iron bars

Loudest howl

Like church bells rung true

On hungry prowl

They spotted you

Air more free

Drifts below wet sky

When you killed me

I vowed you’d die

Never known

Inside my heart

Power has grown

Death no depart

Ever now

I’ll keep you here

Thus disallow

Rebirth of fear

Chapter 5



Take this, and fight well. I believe in your success.


Make a wish in full moon light

I wish you all sweet dreams tonight



is the pain

of never knowing

what might have been

Glory of being killed

for being a better man


Swallow my pride tonight

Follow my guide in sight

Clasp my heart within your skin

Grasp my dart pushing it in

Wallow my tide by right

No forgiveness


Blood pouring in your veins

Not religious


Flood rising in your plains

Double your trouble cover me in sin

Triple your cripple hover me within

Chastise enigmas buried deep in space

Capsize milk sickness ferried sheep in grace

Take another

Take another

Drown in the truth

Take another

Take another

Drown in the truth

Chapter 6



What are you willing to do to secure your freedom?


Good night, my spirit

My dear Capulet

Until we wake, you

Call me Montague

Between the chimes

Of clocks and glass

Sleep’s silent mimes

Pray endless Mass

All Hallow’s Eve

I taste and see

Bright to believe

As Hell breaks free

Twisting and turning

In shadowy bands

Breaking and burning

With blistering hands

Wrath will not follow

Hiding with me here

I will not allow

The touch of gloom’s fear

In my strong embrace

I kiss your wet face

Through deep draughts of death

I’ll give you my breath

Fade away goblins

Burst into the moon

Fizzle out maudlin

Sleep in my love’s swoon

Chapter 7



If they only knew. How intense her pain was; how benignly she carried it wherever she went.


Blame not the currents of the sea

nor the sifting sands of timeless changes

Point no finger at one another

nor to fates or stars

The universe runs on its own clockwork

and by design

retains a continuous transition

from present to future

dredging up the past in its wake

This force is unstoppable

no button or rewinding mechanism

can slow the ebbs of the world’s progress

We inhabitants of the living earth

may only adapt

or not

in order to forge ahead

on the waves of passing life


Dancing a dreamscape

Fingers trail your nape

Clung close in darkness

Pressed into hardness

Hands caress your face

In our secret place

I see in your eyes

Grief when someone dies

My smile was forced though I felt no pain

Only your sorrow would my heart disdain

Who caused the hurt to invoke your mute cries

Who shall I punish for living in lies

It was me

It was I

Pretend it’s not so

It won’t be

Pass it by

We still can dance slow


Behind disguises

Former lovers dance in time

One is recognized


This is my little prick

The only blade needed in my sheath

Now you get the point


Invisible words

Between silent syllables

Secret love sustained


Lying across my pristine bed

Unruffled by collisions

What good are pillows at my head

Without mutual excursions

Into your eyes

Within my sighs

Gripping your shoulder

Grabbing me bolder

Arranging tea on my nightstand

Ignoring the herb of grace

I redress purposely and grande

Within unnecessary lace

Blue still the skies

False lullabies

Feign in black leather

Abstain white feather

Wrapping your arms within my dreams

Gleaming through hushed screams

I call out to you in my sleep

And wake before I weep

I yearn for you

Whom I never knew

Yet with your heart

My breath will depart


Rose not gold mirrored

Blue and white perched angel’s wings

Equal and different

Sunrise and sunset

This is the night I would fly

Through echos of light

Sight does no justice

To the beauty of your heart

Torn and scratched in night

Yet in migrant stars

Knowing I will not find you

I seek love’s comfort


Bad dreams become stories

I secretly tell

Within the worries

Of a soul that’s unwell

Brushing away old thoughts

Fragmented in time

Coughing as fresh flesh rots

In life’s pantomime

Nightmares in my life

Horrors in my bed

The pied piper’s fife

Piercing through my head

Unable to stop

Unwilling to break

Climbing to the top

Falling to awake

Screaming in my sleep

Does no-one hear my cry

Drowning in the deep

Without a mortal sigh

Every night a ghost

Awakens in my soul

Unheavenly host

Swallows me up whole

Wake me shake me take me

Let me be let me be let me be

Thrill me fill me kill me

Let me see let me see let me see

Chapter 8



Red hair bled on white sheets, flowing in sanguine dreams and unheard screams.


Am I that lonely

Silence, books, pens, lined paper

All my dreams come true


Busy beavers read a book

whilst wading past

their bardic brook


I don’t want to hear

that the sky is falling

I’m tired of the fear

about the world dying

I don’t want to know

when God is calling

Don’t call

don’t call

don’t call my name

Don’t say

Don’t say

don’t say my name

I don’t want the death

inhaling every breath

I don’t want the end

Defiling my friend


I am comforted

By thoughts of death

Crisp cotton sheets

Red silk on velvet

Lilies masking putrid breath

One last soft pillow

For your head

No pills to swallow

When you’re dead



That smile looks great on you

Strained as life withdrew

When people see, they never knew


Your face is never true


Always labouring long

Showing just how strong

When people see, they are so wrong


Your zeal does not belong


You cut me to the core

Blood drips to the floor

When people see, they’re so unsure


Don’t fool me anymore


Don’t remember when

No one to remember with

Remember alone


Drowning in desolation

succumbing to solitary life

Forgetting hunger for grass and sky;

wind and snow,

crunched leaves and crashed clouds


Everybody leave me alone

stop stop stop

Don’t ring my bell

Don’t knock on my door

Don’t call my phone

Don’t text anymore

Everybody please go away

go go go

Don’t sound alarms

Don’t adjust my sail

Don’t send fruit bouquets

Don’t follow my trail


Every day

the world stirs up

new drama

new anger

new terror

new worry




like a foggy nightmare

There is always something ripe

to be aware of

feel fear of

That is the unchanging change

of society


I will find new joy

new love

new curiosity

new knowledge


I will have

a hazy dream

to recreate


My pain has nowhere to go

So I go nowhere

Rummage through cartons

With nothing to show

For the brief fanfare

Of last season’s fates

My pain has nowhere to go

So I go nowhere

Surrounded by my old past

I’m getting undressed

Cuz when I go out

I must make it last

Always at my best

Yet always in doubt

Faith forever fading fast

I wind up depressed

Shuffling through the stillness

Of my cluttered dreams

Stifling the sounds

This room’s emptiness

My discarded screams

And my heart’s shutdowns

Perfect playing actress

In broken extremes

I’m telling myself someday

It could be somewhere

That maybe somehow

I will find my way

Some place to stay near

Some breath with a vow

There could be some weird way

But it’s not now

My pain has nowhere to go

So I go nowhere

Rummage through cartons

With nothing to show

For the brief fanfare

Of last season’s fates

My pain has nowhere to go

So I go nowhere


Yesterday when I had hope

And slightly more of a dope

I filled up squares on all my calendars

Late this morning I had a thing

And in my prayers my heart did sing

Because I believed in avatars

With ideas of joy filled canisters

Why are you so weird

The worst I could have feared

That question to my face

Filled me with disgrace

The prideful strangeness

Belittled in my duress

Guilty with innocence confessed

It didn’t have to be this way

That was all they had to say

And so I repeat those words

It didn’t have to be this way

I could have died another day

Flying with clipped wings among the birds

I don’t accept penitence

Everything is happenstance

Accusations more than I can bear

My flesh has cried, my peace has lied

Yet I maintained eccentric pride

Losing that acceptance is unfair

How am I supposed to live to dare

Why are you so strange

As if I’d choose to change

My favourite coping skill

Laughing away death’s chill

That painful desire

Disposable with fire

Empty the tearful inner crier

It didn’t have to be be this way

That was all they had to say

And so I repeat those words

It didn’t have to be this way

I could’ve died a different day

Flying with clipped wings among the birds


I tried and I failed to live

And I tried to fail to die

I have nothing left to give

And I cannot even cry

Back in the future of my dreams

I once believed but now it seems

All joy I’ve dared, all hope I’ve struck

Has chimed only a lack of luck

Misery marks my hollow heart

Ticking like an abandoned clock

Unwinding slowly sliced apart

With every tick and every tock

Of all my sins which ones were worse

To penance this unholy curse

What cruel act afflicted me so

I have only death left to go

I tried and I failed to heal

And I tried and failed to grieve

I have nothing left to feel

All I can do now is leave



is the bread

of poets


No moon shone upon coral

No wayward blackdragon slithered through starlit seas

No ostracod flashed with bioluminescence


All this new med

Making me brain dead

I like the relief

But maybe the grief

Is better instead


Poison got boring

If just made me sick

Let me tell you that’s no way to die

So I kept trying

To work out the trick

But there’s no easy way to say goodbye

I don’t have a gun

But if I had one

I’d really have to be in the mood

I could use a knife

To release my life

But leaving a bloody mess would be rude

So I’m left with the question

Rolling in my head

How to live without you

When I can’t be dead

Do you have a suggestion

Worth trying instead

How to live without you

When I can’t be dead

Starvation takes time

Sensory sublime

Aesthetically perfect yet weak

Or drowning myself

In a piteous gulf

Could be the quick curtain closing I seek

Plunge from a building

Just isn’t my thing

The crowd circling for a show

Burning at the stake

Dramatically fake

With that flattering heavenly glow

So I’m left with the question

Rolling in my head

How to live without you

When I can’t be dead

Do you have a suggestion

Worth trying instead

How to live without you

When I can’t be dead

Maybe I’ll be blessed

To find myself at rest

In an anonymous mystery

Sailing past the ocean

Or desert trekking with emotion

Could obscure death in eternity

So I’m left with the question

Rolling in my head

How to live without you

When I can’t be dead

Do you have a suggestion

Worth trying instead

How to live without you

When I can’t be dead


What if this ended

Not life, but this day

What if I mended

The seams of life that fray


If only things changed

Some luck, a new way

To be rearranged

In a world where I could stay

With you

So I’m left with the question

Rolling in my head

How to live without you

When I can’t be dead

Do you have a suggestion

Worth trying instead

How to live without you

When I can’t be dead


The only way I can survive

Is if I die

Or at least try

Scourging new flesh from my skin

Releasing old pain from within

Wishing upon falling stars

Waking late to rising scars

Wynken Blynkin sometimes Nod

Disapprove my thoughts so odd

When Georgie Porgie ran away

I kept vigil ere he would stay

One bent woman

Lived in a shoe

One lent demon

Followed her too

All the king’s men

And all the queen’s stew

Could not keep the blackbirds

Baked in a pie

For any regal words

Would not dare to lie

Singing my song of nonsense

I join in the tune

Breath from my subconscious

Brays pain opportune

In a crooked little house

No waters could douse

The flirting fleeting flame

Borne of love ever untame

When bluebirds fly

Through my window

Again I die

Drowned in sorrow

Rockaby baby

The sun bids goodnight

God is nigh lady

In death you sleep tight



Independently strengthened

I wish you’d find me


Watch your step

lest you pass by

jewels thus kept

in words of time












Scritch scritch

Pencil on paper




Do gods pray

To themselves

Or is it just me

Or I

Or no one


Chapter 9



We can be each other’s guiding light.


The sun and the moon

Form eyeballs in the face of the sky

Freckles of the galaxy

Disperse across the Milky Way

Breast fed moustache

Sucking and chomping

Releasing life to life for life

Leaving a black hole

Beyond irises of the unseen

Pupils dilating


Big as can be

Until brightness causes blindness

Overwhelming starlight

Burning retinas

Twinkle twinkle

Wishes in darkness

Eternity blends prayers

In a cacophony of dreams

Sleep dreamer; sleep

Wake not to this world


I never feel lonely

As I do

When in a crowd

The world is a waste


We are lonely

So we can relate to

The lonely


Close your eyes and imagine

Imagine what

I would like to tell you a crystal story

You don’t have to listen if you do not want to

You can let your mind wander wherever you want

May I tell you the story though

You may allow my words to form images in your mind

Blank at first, then tracings

Shadows, tails of falling stars

Then the shapes turn into petals

They twirl together

Now they fold in together

forming a seed

Then the seed spurts up in bright hues

These are the colours seen in the fire of a Bunsen burner

Vivid blue





The seed leaves a trail like a lightening eel

Then a series of flashes

like glowing crystals

burst from the seed

They rain upon the horizon’s edge like falling stars

And the tracing continues






a flower


then bursting into a thousand petals


then white

then purple

then a fine trace of a borderline colour

purple upon pink

pink upon purple

then a swirl

floating up

then forming a cyclone

and swirling wider and wider

erupting to red

melting down like a wax candle

to a pool of blue

And the blue continues to swirl and elongate


and blue bends back

then streaks across nothingness

and rejoins itself in a pulsating aqua ring

turning on itself and falling in

forming an orb

a blue marble spinning in felted black



ever faster




until the expanse of every world

every vantage point





You can never repay a good deed

But you can move it forward

In time

When you are ready

The gifts you gave

will not all come back to enrich you

But the love you were given

can spread from your heart

once it is healed

Once the scar crusts over

and the stitches break a hundred times

And you bleed

and scar

and fight infection

and live again

many lives

different people

in one changing body

Your time will come to not pay back

But to pay it forward

Over and over again


I don’t want to go home

What kind of place is that

Where you’re always alone

And you don’t know where’s what

I don’t want to go home

Staying late at the

local library

You will see me

in fiction A to Z

Looking lonely

sipping cold two hour tea

I will swear I’m not alone

Or not alone in fact

I will tell you going by

It will be quite an act

Because when you look where I look

You will see my lie

You will see my book

You will see my life

You will see my soul

You will read my breath

You will bear my grief


With different ammunition

We fight the same fight

With different observation

We plight the same flight

With different star alignment

We race the same course

With different world assignment

We blast the same force


This is where my friend died

This is where it happened

This is where he did it

Do you feel his soul

It’s his anniversary

Every day

For the mirror of my era

Twin of opposites, identical in particles

Disparaging in existence

Drugs took you

I wish you stayed

If the Stigmatines go

Where will I cry at midnight



Alone yet united with the world

Surrounded by glory and beauty

Every choice mine to make

Nobody telling me what to do

Complete freedom


I want someone to tell me:

You did a good job

Great work today

I see all the positive things you did

And hold me close

And inhale my hair

And tell me they will protect me

From the monsters they don’t see


We cannot retrieve the past

We must accept the present

We may change the future


What do we do with her?

Kill her!

Enslave her!

Torture her!

Pity her

Chapter 10



Kids heal, clothes don’t.


Your patience with my exotic nature,

as the expressions of my desires fall upon you;

how I yearn to serve you despite my past

Naysayers will slander the woman before you

who once was one of you

No matter how I appear, destiny led me here

From the drought to the flood;

from the cliff to the cave


Flying, diving, running

Industry; innovation

Still I sought the unseekable

Cry out for me!

My truth is your truth

Throughout the infancy of my womanhood,

growing with you,

grasping my fate,

and the secret promise I kept for you

For those whisperers who wonder at my beauty and grace:

those were bequeathed to me unassisted by any natural power

My only will was to serve you

My presence here today is a tribute to you

Long live and reign!


I hope you understand

You do not deserve to die

You deserve to live

And suffer

For a time


Doth not judge me

By the eras ’twitch I’m naught;

Nay, yet apprise me

By the devils which I wrought


The echo of your voice

Lingers in the dragon’s mouth

Its beak speckled with your blood

Its nest warm with your feathers

Your crown of life

A shadow in the bowels

Of new emergent creatures

Not satisfied with owls


Maths, measurements, menial means

Everything ends




But power,

controlled and sustained diligently,

can last forever

Eternal power

What other quest is worth living for?



Without the support of my writing community, I would be past the point of poetry by now.

Thank you to the new KK. Better than ever, and your unchanging love inspires me every day.

Maura O’Leary, you celebrated with me when “Subton Switch” was published, and made me feel cherished. You are an angel on earth.

To Betty, love Al. I tried.

Thank you Depression for trying to kill me so I could re-discover splinters of joy beneath my pain. Without you, Verdandi would not have recovered.

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Sneak Peek: “Gustover Glitch”

Pinning the last silver braid behind her ear, she realized she would have to be someone else for the rest of the day; someone who she used to be, and would have to speak in that voice to faces she decidedly did not want to see. From behind the closed door, sounds of happiness were too much to bear. Without unclipping her intricate silver braids, she lay her head below the open window and sought the peace of thunder. Sleep refused safe harbour. Electricity through shallow clouds blinked hopefully, whilst beyond the stairs below her, tepid joy befouled the air. One bird, one book, one sacred nook. No one ever thought to look for her here. She had borne the pain of invisibility, and now it was her reprieve. When all had gone, night slid in. Gaining strength from solace, she stretched her arms and felt her fullness. She could be a ghost again, hiding in plain sight.



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Jessica Lucci writes about modern issues while maintaining historic integrity. She makes her home in Massachusetts, USA, where she is currently conducting time-travel experiments with her budgie assistant, Lamarr.

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