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Readers Choice Awards

Thank you to everyone who voted for my little jessicaluccibooks Etsy shop in the Readers Choice Awards from wicked Local Waltham. I didn't even know I was nominated, and I just found out that I won honorable mention in the category of Bookstore under Local Shopping. My hands are shaking!

As an independent author, I have a small readership, and limited resources for advertising and marketing. Every time one of my readers posts a book review to Amazon or Goodreads, or shares a photo of one of my books in their homes, or shares one of my social media posts, it is a great boon to me. My readers are precious to me, each and every one, as individuals.

I value the close relationship I share with my readers, and winning this award is one of the many ways my awesome readers support me. What can I say? MY READERS ROCK.

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