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Salem Switch is ready for BETA readers!

"Salem Switch" is a steampunk fantasy adventure set in 1690 Salem, Massachusetts, USA. A famous inventor is transported back in time two hundred years to 1690, where magic and evil lurk. She and her clones are accused of witchcraft and must flee back to their own time before they are murdered in the Salem Witch trials. Things get more complicated when a beautiful woman befriends the small group of allies, but she is much more than she appears to be. The nearby tribe of Native Americans offer their help just as the powerful reverend leads the charge in spiritual, physical, and paranormal battle. What risks will the inventor take in order to achieve fame and prominence? Is her life worth the glory attached to death? Only time will tell.

This short novella is a quick and easy read appropriate for teens and adults. It features LGBTQ characters, a touch of horror, and a blast of steampunk!

I am currently making this book available for readers who would like to provide an honest opinion or constructive criticism. Can I count you in? Please let me know ASAP!

May your clocks always chime!

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