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Steampunk New Year!

I think we can all agree we are ready for a new year. Why not start now? Today I present to you my newest book of flash fiction, short stories, and poetry, "Steampunk New Year." Filled with delightful fiction and fantasy and of course, steampunk, there is enough content fun here to keep you entertained well into the new year.

 Press Release:

“Steampunk New Year” by Jessica Lucci Press Release:

“Steampunk New Year” by Jessica Lucci

Steam, Droids, and Rails 'n Roads

"Steampunk New Year” is a steampunk fantasy short story collection.  Packed with tales for the ages, including fantastical steam powered carriages, dragons, airship battles, sneaky ghosts, spooky fairies, and the

most mixed up holiday story of all time!   

Undercurrents of female empowerment, family ties, lost love, and rated-G romance connect diverse characters in a world billowing with progressive action.  Enthusiasts of sci-fi/fantasy will be thrilled to read “Steampunk New Year” and bust out their best geek modes.

"Steampunk New Year" by Jessica Lucci

Available to order at JessicaLucciBooks in paperback and as ebook and paperback on Amazon.

Published by Indie Woods

Sell Sheet:

Steampunk New Year by Jessica Lucci Sell Sheet


"Steampunk New Year"


Jessica Lucci

e-book ISBN: 


paperback ISBN:



Twelve short stories weave their way throughout the year with progressive action, sci-fi, and fantasy.  Steam powered carriages, dragons, airship battles, sneaky ghosts, spooky fairies, and the most mixed up holiday story ever whirl through these twisted tales appropriate for teens and adults.

Formats available:

e-book and paperback.



Sold worldwide.

Excerpt from “Steampunk New Year” by Jessica Lucci:

     Fire-breathing reptiles with iridescent wings wider than the Erie Canal swooped through misty clouds above mountain trails.  These ancient creatures thrived and survived in the quiet isolation of introversion.  Peacefully they ate toasted grape vines and coffee beans and drank heavily from steamy ashy rivers.  The natural fuel for their inner fire kept them strong and content.

    Rose Hillway of clan Draca Fitzmaura stretched her long talons and scratched equations into black sand.  The increased activity of men and their airships had not gone unnoticed by her.  She was unlike most of her kind: curious rather than content, forward-thinking rather than history relying.  She dreamed and sought answers.  Her clan trusted her unique skills for what they were.

    The Dragon Highlands had been under surveillance of Man as of late, and this concerned her.  Her shy compatriots noticed too but resolved to ignore the irritation in hopes it would go away.

    Rose Hillway knew it wouldn’t.

Excerpt from "Steampunk New Year” by Jessica Lucci.

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