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 Press Release:

“Watch City: Waltham Watch” by Jessica Lucci Press Release:

“Watch City: Waltham Watch” by Jessica Lucci


Steam, Droids, and Rails ‘n Roads

Watch City: Waltham Watch is a Steampunk adventure set in 1884 New England. A famous inventor finds herself embroiled in a nubile city's despotism, and her personal quest to reunite with her lost loved one is thwarted.


Visit for an Advanced Reader Copy. 


Undercurrents of female empowerment, family ties, lost love, and rated-G romance connect the characters in a world billowing with progressive action.  Enthusiasts of steam, droids, and rails ‘n roads will be thrilled to read “Watch City” and bust out their best geek modes.


Watch City: Waltham Watch by Jessica Lucci

Available to order at in paperback or e-book.  

Published by Indie Woods

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