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"Triangle House" is my newest work, a lesbian historical fiction novella.

Three very different women maneuver between love and lust, freedom and murder, in the mid 1850s in a city embroiled by politics on the edge of the American frontier.


Jane, a wealthy orphan during the Industrial Revolution, seeks a sense of purpose. Her lover, Stella, is a socialite who can’t understand her need for meaning. Then Jane meets Rose, an immigrant living in the working poor section of Tracksport. Together, the three women must come to terms with the forces of love and lust they share, seek refuge for Jane’s new philanthropic project, all the while outsmarting the domineering politician Mr. Powers who is persistent in his intentions for Jane. Lives are at stake and love is on trial in this historical fiction novella that will transport you to a world that very well could have been.


Salem Switch

Behold the magic that is my novella, "Salem Switch."  Order your copy today!  

Professor Tess Alset travells back in time 200 years to 1690, where magic and evil lurk.  She and her clones are accused of witchcraft and must find a way to flee back to their own time before they are murdered in the Salem Witch Trials.  Things get more complicated when a beautiful stranger befriends the small group of allies, but she is much more than she appears to be.  The nearby tribe of Native Americans offer their help just as the powerful reverend leads the charge in spiritual, physical, and paranormal battle.  What risks will Tess take in order to achieve fame, love, and prominence?  Is her life worth the glory attached to death?  Only time will tell.

The Watch City Trilogy




Revenge, Power, Romance.

When the stars don't align, shadows yet creep through.  The city of Gustover is at the mercy of inhuman creatures that clang out of sight.  How do you fight an enemy that you brought to life?  Join the Watch City adventure for a view of the world you never imagined.

Amazing action. Heart pounding drama.  Strange and mysterious loves.  

Gustover Glitch.

Captive and alone, a fiery teen devises an escape that will change her life.  What she discovers is mysterious, perhaps miraculous - an encounter that connects the past, present, and future in a timeless bind.  The “Watch City” trilogy continues in “Subton Switch,” creating a testament of the power within us to change ourselves, and the world.  


Professor Tess Alset is on a secret mission when disaster strikes, thrusting her into a new city's hidden strife.  Ziracuny, the power hungry mayor, and her mysterious associates infiltrate the political and economic structures of Waltham, while inequality between Subtonian immigrants and Walthamites worsens.  Tess becomes embroiled in the battle for freedom, and leads a revolt against tyranny.  Tess and her allies discover that they are stronger together, like magnets pulling in joint force. Undercurrents of female empowerment, family ties, lost love, and rated-G romance connect the characters in a world billowing with progressive action.

How Can I Steal a Purse
Steampunk Pride
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