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Book Tour 

Come travel with me through space and time!

*Funded in part by a grant from the Waltham Cultural Council and MASS Cultural Council

A look back at 2021


Midsummer Fantasy Renaissance Faire

Stupid Covid Steampunk Festival


1st of the Month Video Podcasts* 

Jewelry City Swag Box Unboxing

International Women's Writing Guild Poetry Reading

IWWG Poetry Reading

Jewelry City Steampunk Author Presentation 


"Kittybat" by Marie Counihan narration

"Kittybat" by Marie Counihan

COGS Spooktacular Author Panel 

"Steampunk Story Time" Podcast #2 *

Cheaper by the Dozen

"Steampunk Story Time" Podcast #1 *

"Lunch Time Choo-Choo" preschool storytime book launch*

"Behind Time" for the Waltham Museum Online Presentation*

For the Waltham Museum

Waltham Crossings 2nd Annual Arts and Crafts Faire *

Waltham Crossings

Literary Art for Watch City Kids *

Valentine Poetry and Tea at the Tea Leaf *

Poetry and Chocolates at Tick Tock Chocolates *

Valentine's Day  Poetry with Wingate at Weston*

Valentine Poetry at Belmont Manor *

Valentine Poetry Reading at Waltham Senior Center *

Popcorn and Poetry *

Stupid Cupid Steampunk Ball V

Top of the Hub

Poetry Reading

Top of the Hub

Imagine Main Street Book Expo

at The Firestone

2019 Year in Review

Cards Matter: Sharing cards and books for local nursing homes

Brain Market: Honey I Shrunk the Kids

Dickens Festival, All Souls Church Braintree

Black & Pink Holiday Parties

Breakfast with Waltham Local First

Book Fiend Readers Fest