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Watch City Readers February 2022

Welcome to a lovey dovey edition of  Watch City Readers!  This program is brought to you through a grant from the Waltham Cultural Council and the Mass Cultural Council.  My goal is to promote literacy by discovering new books each months, along with behind the scenes views of the literary world.  On the second Sunday of each month at 6pm EST, I produce a Facebook live video cast that focuses on a particular genre.  This month's theme is Valentine's Day.  We explore the genre of romance and find romance in other genres.

Our featured books are "Imagining Monsters," an anthology edited by Alison McBain; "A Bargain of Blood and Gold," by Kristin Jacques; "The Lesson," by Cadwell Turnbull; with a spotlight on "Through This Together," by M.E. Tudor.  You can read the book reviews of these on February's Lucci's List​.  You can also watch and listen to the archived blog on my Jessica Lucci Facebook page.

Next month's edition will focus on myths and legends.  We will investigate classical themes in modern literature.  

Happy reading!

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