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Lucci's List: April 2019

I am dedicating this month's book reviews to one of my favourite genres, poetry, in honour of National Poetry Month.  I am proud to have published five volumes of poetry, including "New England Seasons," which I wrote specifically for National Poetry Month 2019.  My other poetry collections include "Person Numbers," "Code Words," and "Freedom for Me."  These three volumes focus on mental health and survival from domestic abuse and violence.  A more whimsical volume is "Poetry in the Prose of Watch City: Waltham Watch."  Each section explores the characters  of my first steampunk novel, "Waltham Watch," in the "Watch City" trilogy.  I am honoured to have been published multiple times the prestigious multi-national "Lucidity Poetry Journal.  My haiku was featured in the "Minuteman Bikeway Haiku" installation to celebrate the bikeway's 25th anniversary.  I have also enjoyed reading my poetry at several events.  Poetry is special to me, and I appreciate reading other people's poetry.


April is also Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month.  I am including a powerful memoir, "To the Survivors" by Robert Uttaro in my reviews this month to spread the message of awareness and survival.

This month's Lucci's List is unique in that it is the only one that has ever included ALL five star reviews.  I hope you enjoy these selections I much as I have.

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