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Leading from Your Best Self Rob Salafia


Tresor's Miracle

"Tresor's Miracle" by Tresor Samantha Williams is a short memoir by a young girl.  It details her miraculous birth and survival.


Poetry Indie August

"An Exhaltation of Shadows (Volume 1) with Rachel Lightfood, Nekroturnal Bat, Macarena Maurin Garcia, and Anne Stagg, narrated by Darion McGinnis, is a poetry compilation seeded with sorrow and pain.  Following is an excerpt.

From "Monsters (Part 1) by Rachel Lightfoot

I feed them and then I fight them and

it always goes the same way:

I invite them to my table

but wish they'd go away.


They sit there laughing

and expose all of my fears

So I try to murder my Monsters

by drowning them in tears. 



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