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This month I offer you a feast of variety!  Historical Fiction, Sci-Fi, Memoir, Self-Help, Biography...  serve up some autumn reading to satisfy every appetite!

"Chateau Laux" by David Loux is a tale of generations, of growing past obstacles, of fractured religion, and of family ties that willl not be unwound.


It is Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, in the early 1700s. Lawrence Kramer is a successful young beer brewer who inherited the business from his grandfather.


Catharine is eighteen years old, marriage age. She is too sensible to marry someone who lacks courage. Th idea of slipping into old age, never marrying, entices her.


When a sudden near tragedy occurs, Lawrence and Catherine become bonded together,, and they finally admit their fate to be with each other in matrimony.


Battles between colonists and Native People are juxtaposed with alliances from each side.


The writing is in the third person, allowing equal insight in to each character. The style is forthright with appropriate tinges of old fashioned flair. Scenes are described vividly, arousing all the senses combined to create mental imagery.


"A wall of aromas met them, greasy meat and yeasty beer, the bite of wood ash and tobacco smoke, and then there was the guttural murmur of muted conversations."


At times the descriptions border on poetry.


"The next couple of days were the kind of quiet where even the shadows seemed to slip around on tiptoes."


The history in this novel rings true and it is evident that the author has completed rigorous research. I recommend this book for fans of early American frontier history and its connection to France.

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