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Lucci's List: Top 10 of 2021

​This has been a strange year, filled with new endeavors and enterprising ways of navigating life.  This selection of books reflects the changes in our times, and the growth we have achieved.  Happy new year!

In alphabetical order:

1. "The Alchemist's Mirror" by Liz Delton

2. "The Brass Queen" by Elizabeth Chatsworth

3. "The Christmas Curse" by Ruby Moone

4. "The Girls With No Names" by Serena Burdick

5. "Lament of Midnight: Salvation's End" by Ashley Grant

6. "The Maw and Other Time-Traveling Lizard Tales" by Gervera Bert Piedmont

7. "The Migration of Darkness" by Peter Payack

8. "Print in the Snow" by E.V. Svetova

9. "Traveller" by Caitriona Page

10. "Viktor" by R.D. Trimble

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