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12 Books of Indies

Jessica Lucci

Books are always the perfect gifts. One size fits all, easy to wrap, and a breeze to buy almost anywhere! In the following twelve days, I will be featuring twelve books by independent authors. From mystery and paranormal, to thriller, romance, and comedy, the showcased collection includes all genres to appeal to the varied tastes of friends and family on your shopping list.


Each of the books I am spotlighting have been hand picked by me as treasures which will delight both the giver and receiver. Many can be found at your local book store; all can be found on Amazon. Links will be provided for ease of shopping to make your giving fun and stress-free.


See you tomorrow! I can't wait to show you!

Lucci's List: 12 Books of Indies

39 Lashes of Karma

An Unstill Life

Ashes of the Phoenix: The Fade

The Carnival Keepers

Divine Heart

Drastic Measures

Kids, Camels, and Cairo

Michael Lawrence: The Season of Darkness

Mini Distractionz

Noah Finn and the Art of Suicide


Wash the Spider Out

Justice for the Lemon Trees

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