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Submit your Book to Lucci's List

Be Excellent to Each Other!

I am now accepting books for my 2020 Lucci's List. If I choose to read your book, I will review it on my Lucci's List page, publish it in my local news series, and post it to Amazon and goodreads.

I am limited in the number of books I accept, because I can only read so much! By the end of 2019 I will have read and reviewed 87 books for the year.

Each month on Lucci's List, I feature books from multiple genres. Some months I choose a theme, but I always try to include a variety of styles.

I do not charge for these reviews, (tips are nice) but I do ask for you to send me a free e-book or paperback copy. Signed paperbacks (no dedication) get priority.

So far I have 60 books selected for Lucci's List 2020. I am willing to accept 30 more. Here are some guidelines:

Indie Authors Preferred

LGBTQ encouraged

No graphic sex

No children's books

Signed paperbacks will be read and reviewed first

Especially interested in:

NON-FICTION: Biography, Autobiography, Cookbooks, Memoir, Science, Self-Help, Writing Guides, History, Poetry

FICTION: Steampunk, Alternate History, Short Stories, Historical Fiction, Anthology, Graphic Novels

Please email me at with your blurb.

Keep writing, and I'll keep reading (and writing too!).

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