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Who's That Villain?

Readers, I need your help!

I am currently writing a new novel for you. "Salem Switch" is a steampunk fantasy adventure set in 1690 Salem, Massachusetts, USA. A famous inventor (yes, THAT one!) is transported back in time two hundred years to 1690, where magic and evil lurk. She and her clones are accused of witchcraft and must flee back to their own time before they are murdered in the Salem Witch trials. Things get more complicated when a beautiful woman befriends the small group of allies, but she is much more than she appears to be. The nearby tribe of Native Americans offer their help just as as the powerful reverend leads the charge in spiritual and physical battle. What risks will the inventor take in order to achieve fame and prominence? Is her life worth the glory attached to death? Only time will tell.

All is going smoothly with my writing even amidst the exciting launch of my new short story book, "Steampunk New Year" and promotion of my non-profit self-help booklet "Grateful Ways and Days." Your book reviews on Amazon and Goodreads, purchases from my Etsy and Amazon stores, and "cups of coffee" keep me afloat in this tidal wave of words.

I have however reached a snag. Two evil rotten dastardly snags. I need names for my two villains!

One is a beguiling mysterious woman who comes to the inventor's aide. She is beautiful, caring, charming, and affectionate. Her eventual betrayal of friendship, and her horrific secret, make her a villain you love to hate. The only problem is, she needs a name! Particularly a last name. This is where I need your help. Join my Blog Buddies With Benefits and email me your vote for this villain's name. If I choose your pick, I will thank you in the acknowledgements of "Salem Switch."

The next villain is subtle yet conniving. He is the town's Puritan reverend with a talent for exposing witches. He rules over the people with haunting fear. With him luring around, the inventor's life and those of her comrades are at risk. And you guessed it - he needs a name! Please join my BBWB and write in your vote. He needs a first and last name. If I choose your pick, I will thank you in the acknowledgements of "Salem Switch."

You have helped me out and inspired me so much in the past, I know you will come through in the present, so the future story can be complete!

Thank you for your continued purchases, support, and well-wishes. May your clocks always chime.

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