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Ask an Indie Volume 5


Readers, I have a treasure trove of new books to dig into! I was ECSTATIC to meet engaging authors at the 2018 New England Authors Expo. I also was thrilled to catch up with so many creative talents within the literary field, such as librarians, bookstore owners, puppet makers, artists, cover designers, models, and TV and radio hosts. This event ROCKED!

If you are an indie author, expos and tours such as these are PIVOTAL for your career! Wanna branch out, learn from your peers, and flourish in your craft? Network with your peeps! I had so much fun at this event, and the connections I made are invaluable.

Five panels throughout the day showcased the brilliant talents of local authors. Two panels in particular focused on publicity, which is a dire need for authors, especially independent ones.

Mike Morin presented "Say it. Sell it." As a longtime fave local radio host, he was able to share behind-the-scenes notes for authors who desire free radio publicity. I had the opportunity to talk to him after (poor guy is probably deaf from me now) and his knowledge and warm encouragement added an extra shine to the day.

Mandi Lynn shared her flair for social media by live-streaming her presentation. She gave solid tips on marketing for authors, and was patient with the pre-millennial crowd.

A trio of authors with gorgeous book covers shared their knowledge of book cover design. Laurel Ostiguy, Satin Russell, and Joseph McGee clued the audience in to subtle changes to create vibrant covers. As an Apple nerd, I was psyched that McGee used his own iPhone photo as a backdrop for one of his covers.

Another panel, which included the brilliant Tom Campbell, discussed book printing in the 21st century. And it was NOT boring. Learning about how printers and publishers work together, and how authors can best choose a publishing format, was invaluable. I have already used information I learned about the relationships between authors and typesetters.

The special guests were wicked cool. Derek Nikitas and Frank Romano talked about their Hollywood exploits and real-life tales in the whirlwind world of book publishing.

My personal absolute fave part of the expo was meeting so many awesome authors and creators, of all kinds of backgrounds and genres. I really feel like I made a ton of FRIENDS, not just networking partners. I have a bunch of new books for my next Lucci's List!

It didn't hurt that the expo was held in the lovely Danversport Yacht Club.

If you are a New England literary laborer, check out New England Authors Expo. If you want some fresh new books, keep an eye on Lucci's List! I constantly read and review books!

Happy reading!

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